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葳騰科技 (BQool Inc.) 成立於2011年,台灣少見面向海外市場的 SaaS (Software as a Service)公司,目前主要產品為全球 Amazon 商店商家提供多通路電子商務雲端解決方案。BQool 致力於研發完善易用的雲端服務平台,並協助全球大型商家有效管理賣方評價、商品排名、和智慧型調價機制。


本公司自成立以來,一直以「提供商家最好的雲端服務及技術支援」為期許,幫助了國內外許多商家在銷售上有顯著的成績,並且在及服務上更能專注在快速解決客戶問題,BQool 所研發的電子商務雲端解決方案獲得全世界來自 39 個以上不同國家,超過 10,000 個以上的 Amazon 商家使用我們開發的軟體服務做為營運的輔助工具。

同時,BQool 亦陸續榮獲來自國內外許多奬項和肯定,其中包含:
  • 十大績優企業和年度創新設計 金炬獎
  • 中華民國優良廠商協會 國家品質金牌獎
  • Amazon AWS Technology Partner
  • 勇於挑戰、嘗試學習新技術
  • 配合度高的工作態度和責任感
  • 有棒的技術,需要一個有遠景的公司

BQOOL is a cloud-based Multi-channel E-commerce platform startup company founded in 2011 with offices in both Taiwan and USA. Not limited to cloud-based hard drive or tool development, we focus on developing fully integrated cloud-based multi-channel solutions for E-commerce retailers. Our Software Development Department is located in Taipei Neihu Technology Park with Sales & Marketing Headquarters located in Los Angeles, USA. We provide SaaS(Software as a service) solutions to online sellers in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, aiming to help our clients maximizing their profitability across various marketplaces. With more than ten years of E-commerce know-how our senior consultants have brought in, at BQool we pride ourselves on providing the best cloud-based platform enabling speedy order management and simplified transaction process. We know what customers want.

[ About BQool Inc.]

BQool is a cloud-based e-commerce companion for merchants on Amazon Global Marketplaces. We offer unique multichannel tools for managing your seller ratings, product rankings, and dynamic repricing.

[ Who We Are ]

BQool originated from the concept of developing and providing e-sellers with "Business Cool" tools to streamline their everyday operations. Established in 2011, BQool recruits only the foremost talent in project planning, software development, and usability design. We have our Global Innovation Center set up in Taipei, Taiwan, with Sales and Customer Services office in California, USA, to stay close to our customers.

[ Our Mission ]

We offer affordable cloud-based multi-channel e-commerce solutions to e-sellers worldwide to effectively manage their online pricing strategies, feedback mechanisms, and more. We help our customers to be as competitive as possible, while remaining profitable.
  • Do you have strong technical expertise, hoping to work for a company with great potential?
  • Do you want to show what you’ve got on the Cloud-based platform?
  • Do you want to be part of a great team developing an exciting cloud-based platform?
[ Our Services ]

BQool offers a unique suite of e-commerce tools which includes the following:
  • Feedback Management - Protect your seller rating and manage your online reputation.
  • Review Management - Protect product ranking and brand by tracking product reviews.
  • Dynamic Repricing - Maintain your competitive edge by automatically tracking the competition and intelligently adjusting your pricing.
If you:
  • Love challenges with eagerness to learn new technology
  • Have great work attitude with high flexibility and sense of responsibility
  • Have what it takes but no where to show...then JOIN US NOW!
We welcome you to join our team and grow together!
  • Cloud-based Multichannel e-Commerce Solutions for Amazon Sellers
  • Repricing Central - Automated repricing software
  • Feedback Central - Request positive feedback from buyers
  • Review Central - Collect product reviews from buyers
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Vision – To establish BQool as the software suite of choice for e-commerce merchants around the world.

Values – Customer-focused, excellence, value, innovation.