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669:【下一個Kernel 由你創造‧Your time to shine】Sr. Kernel Software Engineer



Join our team, you could provide protection and defense for Windows's hundreds of millions of users against malicious malwares and cybercrime. Our team is responsible for providing the core modules needed for protecting users, including behavior monitoring engine/network inspection engines/file system filter drivers. We use state-of-the-art technologies, such as Machine Learning and Cloud based solutions to develop, research and provide the ongoing protection for our customers.
Kernel Team為趨勢科技核心技術部門的一大支柱。有別於非軟體產業相關公司,在趨勢科技純軟體專業開發團隊,Kernel engineer 更可以:
  • 透過系統背後運作路徑歷程分析,從底層的角度出發更深入瞭解軟體開發過程中的問題來源。
  • 開發設計資安modules,參與趨勢科技百種以上資安產品的軟體開發,同時提供開發團隊對於產品底層與架構的建議,影響世界千萬個使用者。
  • 掌握全球威脅變動,分析最新威脅樣本,從無到有做出一個最佳解決方案及安全防護 (Ransomware detection rate高達90%!)。
  • 透過團隊激盪與自主研究,參透威脅傳播和攻擊手法,跟著市場新技術的腳步,不斷精進

Job Description/工作內容

You will be responsible for Network monitoring (Kernel Mode), System monitoring (Kernel Mode), and Analysis (User Mode). Monitor network and system’s behavior and information, and provide that information to Aegis. Setting logical methods to analyze, detect, and monitor behaviors.
You will also need to track/resolve application issues for example: Windows User Mode (application), Firewall setting, and Application control (by using scan engines to filter out files which are needed to be detected or monitor). For those networks related drivers are: WFP driver, TDI driver, and NDIS driver.

Requirement / 特質

  • Having a minimum of 3 years developing and shipping kernel-mode software
  • Having strong working knowledge of C and solid debugging skills & Having strong knowledge of Windows internal or having Linux kernel knowhow and interested in Windows and willing to learn
  • Being self-motivated & having passion for learning (be a fast learner would help)
  • Enjoying working in a team of talented engineers
Be a Detective! 利用逆向工程去瞭解過往歷程的意義與內涵
Like an Explorer! 細心,耐心,冒險嘗試積極研究,不斷往下追
Never give up! 運用open source找到微軟不提供,google也google不到的內容