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1161: Deep Learning AI (Artificial intelligence) Scientist

Trend Micro CEB team is seeking statistical & machine learning researchers with a passion for a candidate of the position “Deep Learning AI Scientist”. this position is totally new in this department. CEB team serve internal/external services in global customers with CRM/ERP/B2B systems. In this cloud-era, there is high demand to respond to customer deployment request as instantly as possible. We use innovative technologies as well as cloud application to deliver solutions to business users and more advanced, we are the pioneer to integrate everything. This position, Deep Learning AI Scientist’s responsibilities is to work on “AI code release” or implementing “AI code of SAAS Solution”. And another responsibility is to work with current business application team to work on their project help implement Deep learning AI solution success. With implementation AI in CRM/ERP/B2B systems successfully. It could benefit business processing and grow in skill and career plan to research, explore & evaluate new methods for text classification, chat processing and question answering.






英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等




This position requires the following skills
  • MSc in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or another highly quantitative field.
  • Experience in one or more of the following fields: Natural Language Processing(NLP), Information Extraction, Knowledge Extraction, Question Answering, Machine Translation, Deep Learning, Textual Entailment, Dialog Generation.
  • Hands-on experience in any of the following technologies or libraries: NLTK, SpaCy, Gensim, Scikit-learn, Keras, Torch7,
TensorFlow (or similar).
  • Experience using Python, Java or similar programming language
  • The desire to build robust, proven and tested technologies
  • Strong problem solving and algorithm development skills
Desirable Qualifications
  • Experience of developing machine learning software in a commercial environment
  • Experience in one or more numerical computing scripting languages.
  • Experience in UNIX/LINUX techniques
  • Experience in AWS platform.
  • Experience dealing with large datasets
  • Experience with large-scale processing frameworks (e.g. Hadoop, HDInsight)