701: Data Engineer

如果你著迷於處理巨量資料,加入趨勢就是你大展身手的好機會,在趨勢龐大的軟體架構下,有千萬筆巨量資料等著你,你將在團隊中扮演重要角色,將資料串接進系統,以巨量資料分析領頭,與資料分析師 (Data Analyst) 合作,洞察客戶意圖、掌握消費者需求,提供決策致勝關鍵。

Job Content

  • Design, implement, and enrich data processing pipeline that collect and process massive volume of data, to enhance Trend Micro solutions/services, protect our customers, and prepare data environment for data insight on business.
  • Investigate and resolve performance and stability issues in data processing systems and advise necessary infrastructure changes
  • Select and integrate data tools and frameworks required to provide requested capabilities
  • By hacking big data to explore hundreds of real data collected from world-wide continuously, to get insight and discover new emergency threats.
  • Work closely with client application engineering teams, Data Analysts, marketing and business operation team for archiving business objectives.


  • 資料工程師是開發團隊的顧問,要能從資料中洞悉出客戶需求及市場走向,給產品下一步設計上或行銷上的建議。
  • 資料工程師在提供產品設計概念的階段扮演重要的角色,將和專案經理(Project Manager)有許多產品開發概念的討論,和研發經理(RD Manager)共同定義產品架構和規格。因此,專案經理及研發經理都是資料工程師未來的發展方向之一。
  • 有機會參與網路威脅防範(Threat)相關專案,提升資安技術,增加技術的廣度,更可以磨練及學習各種處理資料的新技術方法,提出Solution Architect等級的分析建議和解決方案。

[Related Team/Project/Product]

  • Core Tech – SPN team (Smart Protection Network)
  • Consumer – WSE (Web Service Engineering) Backend Team






英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等

Job Skills


  • Proficient understanding of distributed computing principles
  • Proficient in C++, Java, and/or Python. Have experience on developing data analysis or web service projects.
  • 2+ years Unix-liked (Linux or FreeBSD) system administration and programming experience, able to automate tasks with (shell) scripts.
  • Strong knowledge of server-side programming languages e.g. Python, Perl, Node.js, Go.
  • Familiar with relational database and NoSQL database e.g. MySQL, Hadoop/HBase, MongoDB, Redis.


  • Data mining, machine learning, or statistics related knowledge. Yes, we've got BIG data for you.
  • Distributed computing knowledge (e.g. distributed filesystem, BigTable and MapReduce framework). We use and develop on Hadoop, A LOT.
  • Threat security knowledge, including virus, malware, vulnerability, and web threat.
  • Experience in huge data processing or data mining associated fields e.g. Text Analytics, NLP and Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Experience in open source tools on Storage (Cassandra, Hbase, HDFS), Processing (Pig, Hive, Spark, Flink, Presto, Akka), Operation & Resource Management (Mesos, Yarn, Docker, Kubernetes), and Visualization (D3.js)
  • Experience with the AWS ecosystem tools and system level DevOps tools.