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701: DevOps Engineer


Job Content

DevOps is a kind of architect who can oversee the large scale cloud infrastructure. You will join design discussion with R&D teams about Cloud services and fully utilize the advantage of infrastructure to maintain the service availability. Regarding a large scale cloud design, your opinion is crucial that ensure the infrastructure is scalable, maintainable and measurable.
  • Manage service availability and scalability through better monitoring, processes, and infrastructure.
  • Collect infrastructure and application metrics to solve problem 10x faster and improve application performance.
  • Develop tools and automation to minimize delivery time and increase developer productivity.
  • Advise in the design and development of evolving services, architecture, and performance standards.
  • For delivering solution, to design, implement, and operate the backend infrastructure and in-the-cloud service which are about large, fast, and robust.
  • Analyze web threat & prototype the solution.


  • 在趨勢科技,DevOps能隨時掌握世界技術的最新動態!
  • 在趨勢科技,DevOps能累積各種專業領域的技術與經驗!
不論是系統開發,自動化部署流程建置、監控系統維運或是雲端服務和資料庫的技術,DevOps都可藉由不同專案的歷練,習得十八般武藝,進而奠定成為 Cloud System Engineer、Site Reliability Engineer、Solution Architect、Security Solution Architect的基石,發揮在各式環境中對於資訊安全的敏感度和預防潛在威脅的技術力。

Related Team/Project/Product

  • Core Tech teams (Web Reputation Service (WRS), Email Reputation Service (ERS), File Reputation Service (FRS))
  • Consumer Web Engineering Service team (WSE)
  • Consumer Home Network Security (Diamond)
  • Consumer Cloud VPN Platform (Yamato)
  • Consumer IoT Security (Atom)






英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等

Job Skills


  • You are very comfortable working on the Linux command line, and have broad knowledge of the surrounding technologies
  • You are passionate about web and Open Source technology, and you strive to use up-to-date tools and techniques
  • You have practical knowledge of shell and one more scripting language (Python, Perl or Ruby) and of object-oriented programming (C/C++ or Java)


  • Experience with LAMP stacks
  • Experience with system automation tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc.)
  • Experience with monitoring, alerting, and pipeline analysis tools (Nagios, Graphite, Logstash, etc.)
  • Experience with IaaS and Container solution (AWS, VMware, Docker, etc.)
  • Experience with SQL/NoSQL systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, etc.)
  • Experience with problem analysis and solution developing (Mathematics, statistics, machine learning)
  • Knowledge on networking and protocols
  • Knowledge on web threat

Ideal Candidate

  • 熱愛,隨時準備好面對變化多端的技術問題
  • 喜歡主動溝通,不斷摸索新技術與嘗試新方法,找出問題的原因與正解
  • 喜歡分享技術,從sharing & learning 的loop中建構出DevOps的專業能量
  • 抱持白帽駭客的精神,以防禦的目的瞭解駭客行為,並進行漏洞修正及威脅防範