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701: Senior Staff /Principle Software Engineering Process Engineer


This person is expected to

Introduce world leading software engineering good practices into Trend Micro, including investigation/bench-marking/gap analysis, consolidation, convince top management and key stakeholders, providing training, pilot and deployment.
Diagnose Trend Micro and identify the high priority improvement opportunities, and lead the cross functional/site software engineering process improvement.
Analyze the diversity of current different software engineering practices from different Trend Micro teams, identify pros and cons, and propose the organizational level recommended/mandatory practices.
Provide hands-on consulting for engineering teams, and resolve the problems related to engineering / process in their daily work. Meanwhile, leverage the feedback from different teams as trigger for the continues improvement.






  • 5+ years’ experience being SQA (Software Quality Assurance), SEPG (Software Engineering Process Group) , PMO (Project Management Office) or related roles in the company which have +2000 software development engineers
  • Enthusiasm and true belief on the value of continue software engineering process improvement.
  • Profound experience on software engineering process improvement. The experience should be accumulated from process improvement efforts in NOT ONLY enterprise product development, BUT ALSO consumer product development and SaaS development.
  • Solid experience in promotion of the value of continue software engineering process improvement. Dozens of success stories on convince high level management and key stakeholders on acceptance of software engineering process improvement.
    Professional knowledge on process institutionalization, deployment and monitoring, for example, CMMI, ISO/IEEE standards, SPC, DoE, RCA, FMEA, DMAIC…
  • Sensitive on the industrial emerging software engineering practices, for example, Lean Development, CI/CD, DevOps, Self-direction teaming… And, more important, could judge the applicability of the practices for specific software organization.