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701: Networking Engineer


Job Content

Trend Micro Network Software Engineers hold their professions on network engine, network structures and application of product development and on network security appliance. To build up a big architect of scalable software system or engine, we show our solid programming skills and substantial experience of architecting and implementing systems for high performance and scalability. Moreover, we will involve in the design and implement IoT security in different platforms, e.g. server, mobile and embedded devices, and integrate with cloud services and hardware for smart network applications. For some projects, this role is responsible for evaluating the quality of Trend Micro behavior monitoring the network inspection engines, which are used by more than 20M users in the world. To better handle the professional job, experience with high performance network flow processing, network protocols analysis, cryptography, and cyber security are also advantages for the job domain.
  • 透過網路入侵偵測(Network intrusion detection), Bug fixing及Performance tuning技術達到系統軟體效能最佳化
  • 透過逆向工程,弱點分析(分析網路封包和網路行為)及malware analysis,設計搜尋引擎及設定規則,開發軟體產品,並和資安專業高手合作,發覺未知的威脅,共同打擊惡勢力

Challenges/Achievements/ Growth Path

  • Network的技術範疇非常廣泛,網路環境中未知的技術挑戰及威脅層出不窮,需要不斷突破與因應,不斷提升技術層次 (i.e. VPN,SSL bump),以新概念解決新問題、以深厚的經驗解決深奧的難題。在趨勢科技,你有機會面對別人遇不到的技術困境,從解決問題的過程中淬煉出卓越技術。
  • 我們是新網路技術的實踐者,不論在進行核心引擎設計(core engine design)、弱點分析(vulnerability research)或是開發應用型軟體產品,不斷地將新技術應用至新問題或產品中。
  • 透過產品和技術整合經驗,在不同的整合環境下,提升處理複雜網路環境的經驗值;同時,與Project Manager和Product Manager密切合作溝通過程中,也創造了跨界發展的可能性。






英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等

Related Team/Project/Product

  • Network Threat Defense Technology Group teams (Network Security Appliance, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Signature, Smart Home Network)
  • Consumer team (Home Network/IoT Security team, Web Service Engineering team)

Job Skills


  • Solid C/C++ programming and debugging skill
  • Windows or Linux system development experience or embedded software development experience
  • Strong knowledge of networking protocols especially in TCP/IP, HTTP, and HTTPS
  • Experience with high performance network flow processing, network protocols analysis, cryptography, and cyber security.


  • Analyze system performance and scalability characteristics to identify bottlenecks and improve performance
  • Analyze and research emerging threats and develop corresponding solutions
  • Solid technology in windows system/network/driver domain

Ideal Candidate

  • Passion for network security! 對網路安全技術充滿熱忱
  • 對於學習懷抱渴望,能快速學習!持續學習!
  • 喜歡新的挑戰,有企圖心不斷地往下鑽,永遠以最新技術耐心地解決未來可能出現的問題
  • 良好的溝通協調力 – 在大型軟體開發架構專案中,展現最佳team work spirit