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1301: Product Developer (Windows/Linux/ Mac OS)

「愛穿客戶的鞋」代表我們對產品功能/效能/使用性的重視,趨勢科技的產品開發工程師將熱情投注在開創更安全便利的生活,不論是百大企業、政府單位不可或缺的OfficeScan,或是抓住目前最新潮流的IoT產品、個人電腦防護專家PC-Cillin,還積極打造安全達人(Dr. Safety) 提升個人行動裝置ios/android安全。用程式守護數位世界的資訊安全、用技術影響千萬名使用者。

加入產品開發團隊,你將會深入使用者的需求,運用最新雲端運算, Big Data, networking 等技術創造顧客最佳使用經驗、為他們打造最適解決方案!

[Job Content]

Trend Micro develops numerous security solutions to secure our daily cyber life that combines on premise and in-the-cloud security technologies to safeguard file servers, desktops, laptops, virtualized desktops, personal and home device. It secures both physical and virtual endpoints with immediate protection against threats delivered through leading malware protection and cloud-based global threat intelligence.
We are looking for partners that can help moving faster in security pioneer position.
  • Develop security software for on premise or SaaS virtualization environment.
  • Resolve customer problems to support critical business successfully.
  • Collaborate with global product development team among multiple countries.
  • Assure software quality to ensure product viability.
  • Research security solution that can adopt on private and public cloud.


  • 學習PDLC (Product Development Life Cycle)、流程設計(design review, implementation, code review, unit test and trouble shooting.),主動提出對於產品之POC建議,打造世界一流產品
  • 累積專業程式能力,參與開發初期各種功能討論,瞭解完整Product release cycle,奠定未來帶領專案開發(Project Manager)及High level design的能力

[Related Team/Project/Prodcut]

  • Consumer: PC-Cillin(Titanium), Anti-Malware Solution Platform, etc.
  • Commercial: OfficeScan(OSCE), Worry-Free Business Security , Trend Micro Control Manager, Trend Micro Security for MAC (TMSM), Trend Micro Remote Manager , Deep Security, Deep Discovery, Luwak, etc.






英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等

[Job Skills]

  • Bachelor degree or higher in computer Science or equivalent work experience.
  • 2+ years of working experience on software development with one proficient programming language(C/C++, Java, Python, etc.).
  • Familiar with operation system developing environment (Windows/Linux/Mac).
  • Knowledge of enterprise integration pattern/design pattern.
  • Strong software problem solving skill and customer-oriented approach to deal with customer issues.
  • Familiar with HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • Experience on virtualization technology like VMWare ESX, vCloud, KVM, AWS is a plus.

[Ideal Candidate]

  • 不吝分享,共同學習!對於技術學習懷抱渴望,在成熟嚴謹的架構環境中快速學習,持續成長!
  • 良好的溝通協調力 – 在大型軟體開發架構專案中,展現最佳team work spirit
  • 以開放的態度接受各類型的技術,透過全面性的思考,創造設計的可能性
  • Dare to try! Dare to change! 秉持沒有最好,只有更好的精神!