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701: (Sr.) Release Engineer

This job is to work with R&D in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to assist the projects to release products with the advanced knowledge of Software Configuration Management(SCM) and Software Release Processes.
This position will work closely with RD and QA throughout SDLC. Like,
  • Management of release artifacts (source code, document and release build) with version control system (Perforce, Git).
  • Watching the new industrial software release technologies (version control, CI, CD, and etc.)
  • Plan, design, implement and optimize the build process with product development team.
  • Plan, design, implement and optimize the system environment which related to above area.
  • Develop and maintain new or existing tools that is used by release processes.
  • Provide essential software release info to R&D.
For this position, we expected he/she can share knowledge, best practice with colleagues, and will be assigned to specific projects which he/she will be full responsible for above area. In this position, he/she will keep his/her skills up-to-date by working with the latest technologies.








英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等


Linux、Windows 98、Android、iOS、Perl、Python


  • Familiar with Version Control system like Perforce, Git, etc.
  • Familiar with Continuous Integration like Jenkins, etc.
  • Good at communication and willing to take challenges.
  • English read/write and oral skill is required.
  • Has experience of system/service maintenance and operation which is using by customer.
  • Has enthusiasm on doing problem analysis and problem solving.
  • 3-year experience with scripting languages writing on Perl, Python and Shell script is essential
  • 3-year experience with various OS management on Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac is essential
  • Experience with CI/CD and release management is essential
  • Familiar with SQL server is a plus
  • Familiar with Java/C++ is a plus